Customize your own extinguisher


Fire Extinguisher

Durable . Portable . Lightweight and Attractive.


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Safety hammer | Razor blade | Strong magnetic iron | Flashing light | Siren | Power bank | FM/AM radio on digital display screen | Temperature display | Time display | Battery level display | Air quality 

Our fire extinguishers are durable, portable, lightweight and attractive

Chrome Series

Durable | Portable | Lightweight and Attractive

Solid Series

Durable | Portable | Lightweight and Attractive

Fire Blanket

Extinguishes Fire | Liquid and Grease Fires | Act as a Heal Shield

Don’t be caught unprepared to handle a fire emergency. The life you save could be yours.

Ready design

Durable | Portable | Lightweight and Attractive

Smoke Detector

10 year battery | Fast installation| Entire surface functions as a test button

Smoke Mask

Simple to Use and Easy to Carry | Heat resistance up to 450° C | Keeping Fresh Air for Survival.


Gas Detector

Gas Sensor for Combustible Gases |Use for Indoor Areas|Repeater Function

Safety in All New Ways.